Fishing Reports

Capt. Al Walker

Empire/Venice, LA USA

Good Evening

Headed out this past Saturday night with a couple
buddies for some good times. Had long time pal
Doug Udicki from Michigan and Brett and Buddy
Murdock (father/son)  in hopes of smacking down
some yellowfin. Bait was tough but managed a
tank full even though they were not exactly what I
wanted. On the roll heading to my destination we
stopped for some test drifts. Nothing..Nada and I
knew we were in for a hard nights work with that
moon on the horizon. Was not feeling good about
the moon so we had to play our cards right and
make every bite count.

Headed to another spot for one more test drift  
before heading to my planned rig and again
nothing but this time I noticed a Man-O'-War Bird
in the distance. I told the guys they are here and
we will wait it out till sun down.They were
wondering if I made the right call as we sat there
floating around with no life to talk about. As sun
set came closer the bait fish started becoming
more active on the surface and knew it was a
matter of time.

Sure enough around an hour after sun set we got
bombed by those sweet jumping torpedoes! The
guys were hooking up again and again. I was set
up with two live bait/chunking rods,two jigging
rods,two casting rods with Frenzy Poppers and
two Frenzy Poppers rods tied to my
Accurate/Seeker 50's.

We switched out many times and some times
using three methods at once as I knew it would
shut down at any moment. They were very active
on the casting rods hitting the Frenzy Angry
Poppers but were making for long fights and time
was not on our side so I started slow trolling the
Angry Poppers on the 50's so we could make fast
work of them and horse them in quicker.About
three hours later it died.After it was all said and
done we had a box full of beauties. Personal best
and most ever caught by my friends.

After that with much of the night ahead of us I
went to another spot that I felt would do us right.
Well it did as the boys had another solid run of
yanking them over the gunnel until we had to
move for work boat operations.

There were alot of boats out that night and Venice
was as busy as I  have ever seen it. It was great
talking to old and new friends throughout the
night and at the docks. We had the best time
listening to Capt. Wetzel run his head.He had us in
stitches. Oh yeah Troy Doug said he has a new
number one captain and his last name begins with
a "W" as well.LOL

Also want to thank Boat
Stuf,Yamaha,Seeker,Accurate,Suffix for standing
by me all these years. Cant ask for better support!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014 @ 4:49:31 PM

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Offshore/Bluewater Fishing Report 

Capt. Al Walker

Empire/Venice, LA USA

Good Day

Looking to bring the X-Factor out the shed and
chase some fish. The way I fish is like this.

Leave dock 2pm bait up to first destination. Fish
afternoon bite,sun down bite,all night bite and
sunrise bite then head to the barn.

These trips allow the client to get the most of a
chance to load up without trying to beat the heat
all day.

If interested please call me at


Lets go fishing!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014 @ 1:35:34 PM

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Offshore/Bluewater Fishing Report 

Capt. Al Walker

Venice/Empire, LA USA

Good Morning

One of my best friends ever in life has just left us
due to cancer. John "The Hag" Hagmann took a
piece of me as well as others to Heaven on January

He was a loyal,honest,loving, superb
friend,husband and father that will be missed

I have dove with divers from around the world but
never competed against a better spear fisherman
than the "Hag". His ability to locate and kill fish
was second nature to him and he would show you
up on every trip. He was a mean,tuff, deep diving
powerful hunter. The stories of this man are

He once shot a hundred pound AJ at 200 plus foot
and tore his entire bicep from the bone due to the  
fight. He did not let go of his gun and shoot to the
surface. Instead he fought and landed the fish.
That's as manly as it gets.

I was lucky enough to have dove with him on
hundreds of occasions for years and share his
most passionate passion of spearfishing with him
on Capt. Troy Wetzels Kingfish .The bond we have
is unbreakable due to the times on Capt. Troy's
boat competing against each other.

For days now I have been going through the
thousands of photos so that I could share his
smiling face with sportsman such as yourselves
but am literally  crippled with sadness and cannot
manage this. All I have thought of since his
services is helping his family fulfill his final
request of spreading his ashes over his favorite oil

Out of the mountain of pics I have of him holding
giant fish this one in particular say's it all. Here he
is with the state record AJ of 138.5. It suits him
well because he truly is number one.

It is not fair that he had to leave so soon and my
heart goes out to his family deeply.

Friday, January 24, 2014 @ 9:18:40 AM

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Diving - Spear Fishing Reports 

Capt. Al Walker

Venice/Empire, LA USA

I have had the opportunity to know Mr. Frank
Davis personally. My last talk with him was at
LOWES in Slidell. We talked about his family in the
Woodlands TX and that he was heading there one
day. One of my best friends has lived there since
Katrina and it is a wonderfull place.

We talked about fishing,family,friends and me
pushing for a local fishing program. He was a
totally awesome guy all the way around. He is the
definition of Nawlins through and through and will
be missed dearly by many.

My son is seven and we periodicly fish Sac A Lait at
night year round. We always do the Frank Davis
chant... "Sac A Lait Tonight..We Having Sac A Lait
Tonight". We always get a kick out of it and I never
really thought of it untill now .That chant was
handed down from Frank to my generation and
now to my sons.He will pass it on to his kids.
Frank was infectious to say the least.

It was only propper that Laird and I fish Sac A Lait
tonight in 30 degree weather for our buddy Frank.

He was with us cause we are having "Sac A Lait

We love and miss you buddy and God Bless your
friends and family through these hard times.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013 @ 10:12:20 PM

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Fresh Water Fishing Report 

Capt. Al Walker

Empire/Venice, LA USA

Been chasing the Crappie with my boy lately. Had
some good night and days so far but no stellar
catches yet. They just starting to show in some

Sunday, November 3, 2013 @ 5:49:56 PM

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Fresh Water Fishing Report 

Capt. Al Walker

Empire/Venice, LA USA

Good Afternoon

Forgot to post this back in July. Been working with
Dr. Sammarco since 2000 and really respect his
opinion as well as his work.

Sunday, November 3, 2013 @ 1:21:17 PM

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Fresh Water Fishing Report 

Capt. Al Walker

Venice/Empire, LA USA

Good Afternoon

Made a fun trip recently. Was planning on diving the
shrimp boats especially after talking to Kevin Beach
and Billy Wells at the dock. They had incredible
catches. Billy told me the boats were picking up and
rolling out but I still was game. Called a buddy of
mine in the Louisiana Shrimpers association and he
told me they were moving in close. That is exactly
where we found them but to shallow for tuna and
very dirty so I opted for Wahoo and Tripletail.

Could not have made a better move or had a better

Thursday, October 24, 2013 @ 2:57:08 PM

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Diving - Spear Fishing Reports 

Capt. Al Walker

Empire/Venice, LA USA

Worked again today on the shoot with Producer
Christina Melton concerning the oil rig removal
and their importance they play for the economy
and eco system.The film should be done in
December. I am putting my heart and soul in every
second of it.

We are gaining ground. Not everyone agrees on
all facets of this subject but at least we have made
it up the chain of command and are talking civilly
about this very important subject that concerns all
fishermen,industry and science.

Please check out the video below. I have worked
with most all affiliated with this great piece and
want to continue working with everyone that cares
about the Gulf of Mexico.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 @ 10:32:49 PM

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Diving - Spear Fishing Reports 

Capt. Al Walker

Empire/Venice, LA USA

They are busting out here all day and night. The tuna
are thick. I get off on Sept. 3 till the 17th. Anybody
want to hit it give me a call. Support the Save Louisiana Team. Mike and crew keep up the hard work and keep your noses to the grind stone!

Thursday, August 22, 2013 @ 1:41:57 PM

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Offshore/Bluewater Fishing Report 

Capt. Al Walker

Venice/Empire, LA USA

Quick report from the boat

Still working the oil fields but have made time to
fish and dive with family,freinds and clients when I
was home.

I had the greatest pleasure of visiting some of my
best freinds in the world. The Stricklands. Will and
his brothers have been fishing with me for years. I
watched their boys go from early teenagers to
men that have served their country on three tours
to the middle east and now have met some of their

We visited them in Lenark Florida "The Forgotten
Coast". We were planning to take my boy diving
for scallops but the weather was bad so we fished.
My son caught trout,redfish,sharks and a fifty plus
stingray. We met Nita Strickland and still is a fisher
woman at 90 years old. What a incredible
woman!!!!  Miss Nita has a place in my wife,my son
and my heart forever. Miss Nita we LOVE YOU!!!

I can see why her boys are such great people. They
could not help turning out to be such incredible
men with her raising them. Will I love you and your
brothers so much that it is bringing a smile to my
face as I type this. Thank you so much for inviting
us to your home and thank you from the bottom
of our heart for putting my boy on such a great
fishing adventure. When people see the pic of my
boy fighting and landing that ray they probably
think he had some help but we know what went
down. Laird is a animal on the stick.

I have still been working with Louisiana
Broadcasting and the Wildlife and fisheries making
a documentry on the oil platforms. It should be
wrapped this December.

I took a couple school teachers shark diving
believe it or not and had the great pleasure
hanging all day with a old true freind Captain
Chris Dimmwiddi. Yes he is still crazy!!!

Took a couple guys out for a tuna run. We left the
dock at 11 pm and was back at the dock at 7 am
with seven hogs.

I know some stuff Im leaving out like taking the old lady and boy offshore recentlybut got to get
under the Crane. Over and out.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013 @ 3:24:33 PM

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Offshore/Bluewater Fishing Report 

Capt. Al Walker

Venice/Empire, LA USA

To Jim Frank research team.

Hello Jennifer

Been running drilling pipe,cutting boxes etc to
Ship Shoal 349 for the last couple weeks. Saw a
sight I have never saw before in my life on the
water today. About five miles north of SS 349
came across over fifty Whale Sharks. My crew
filmed on their phones. From giants to babies
feeding on the surface. This run is about
seventy miles from Bellpass out of Fourchon.
They were in 278 foot of water. Back at the
dock now and about to head back at midnight.
Saw them at 10am this morning. The exact
coordinates are
Wish I had tomorrow off or I would be there
with them. Hope this helps.

Monday, June 17, 2013 @ 3:37:19 PM

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Offshore/Bluewater Fishing Report 

Capt. Al Walker

Venice/Empire, LA USA

Hey John

At the dock for the moment and just turned
on my phone. I took and returned a deposit
from a cage diving operation out of
California. Deal fell through. He is not
completely out of the picture but is running
his operations until the end of August. He
leases a boat at the moment and wanted to
fly under the radar not to cause issues with
his boat should he not be able to convert in
a timely manner. We spent months with
Mino Marines engineers going over plans to
basically gut the boat and construct eight
suites that carry twenty four clients. That's
how they do it over there. The boat is in
Amillia getting ready for bottom side
inspections. Other than that it more than
likely will be listed with a broker. I have
been running cargo/crew boats for the oil
industry and seems to be on a up slope.
Could not refuse the offer with the
awesome company I working for. Had
some great times on The Big E and miss it
but she was a great stepping stone to
where I am now.

Monday, June 10, 2013 @ 1:27:19 PM

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Offshore/Bluewater Fishing Report 

Capt. Al Walker

Empire/Venice, LA USA

Good afternoon

Been keeping up to date on the fight to stop the
diversions and kudos to Mike,Capt Ricks and all
others that are educating the public on how bad
this could be to our culture. Keep up the great
work guys.

I decided to whip out the ole Glacier Bay the other
day with some buddies from Texas and set out to
put some tuna in the box. They had a long drive
and did not get to Venice until early morning and
simply needed to sleep a bit so I just messed
around town until they rang.

With the late start I still felt confident we would
get on the fish. After entering the gulf and seeing
how fishy it was three miles off the pass I knew we
were set for a perfect night. We did stop and put
some blackfin and bonita for cut bait in the chest
before heading to our destination. Along the way
we picked up some perfect sized live bait as well.

The water was very dirty as far out as Mars and
things were not looking that great with no current
and cloudy water with no signs of yellows on the
sounder. That did not discourage us as we
bounced around until we found them.

It took about four hours until the guys said they
had enough and I set out for the dock around
three in the morning. Hitting the pass while the
sun is rising with a box full is always a good
feeling. Just for those wondering what the bait of
choice was i will tell you. It was not the cut
pogie,cut bonita,cut blackfin,live bait or casting
poppers. It was an old tried and true method I
have been using for years.

I take Frenzy poppers ( Frenzy Poppers only) and
tie them to my fifty's. I have one guy put his back
about twenty yards and the other guy about fifteen
yards and hold the rods in hand set on strike. I let
the boat do all the work cruising barely above in
gear speed. I have the guys pop every now and
again. I like to believe the baits mimic flying fish
even though we did not see any on this particular
night. The double sets of stout trebble hooks on
the Frenzy poppers allow for a solid hook up to
the fish and the fifty's make quick work of the

I cannot tell you how many times this has been
effective  when nothing else is working and have
never shared this method before this post. My
clients and buddies always get a kick out of it and
hopefully now so will you should you choose to try
it. Good luck!

I have also been involved in filming a documentary  
in association with Louisiana Public Broadcasting
and the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries
surrounding the Rigs to Reefs program and the
importance the oil rigs play to the recreational and
commercial fishermen,not to mention the marine
life that surrounds them. We  have other shoots to
accomplish before it hits the air but will let you
guys know when it plays.

The last shoot was real fun being that the
producers wanted to add some spearfishing in the
mix so me and some world class divers were
happy to oblige. The video we got was off the
hook! Big Cobia and Aj's  up to seventy pounds
were taken free diving in dirty sharky waters.
Loved every second of it!

The highlight for me was getting a glimpse of a
monster 100 plus Cubera down deep . All I can say
is he is lucky I was holding a camera!

Last but not least want to thank Mr. Tom ,Mr.
Danny,Mr. Wayne and everyone else that put on
the Hideaway Lake Fishing Rodeo yesterday. It was
a blast and the kids were just besides themselves.
Great people,great prizes and a great time had by
all! You guys rock!

Sunday, May 19, 2013 @ 4:56:01 PM

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Offshore/Bluewater Fishing Report 

Capt. Al Walker

Empire/Venice, LA USA

Happy Easter from the Walker family

God Bless

Sunday, March 31, 2013 @ 11:38:52 AM

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My 2 Cents / Comments 

Capt. Al Walker

Venice/Empire, LA USA

Good Morning

Just want to give a heads up to the folks that keep
calling for trips on the Big E. I have truly tried to
call everyone back but have been embarked on
selling the Big E since early December and have a
potential buyer that has put down a refundable
deposit over a month ago.

I have been very involved with
shipyards,engineers,fabricators, material pricing

The potential buyer is in the process of doing his
due diligence and out of respect for the potential
buyers wishes he would like our negotiations to
stay private for the moment.

I have already lined up another boat to do my cage
diving from starting this summer and have had a
couple amazing job offers that I am seriously
considering as well

Other than that me and the boy have released
hundreds of Crappie at this point as we are fishing
them almost everyday since Thanksgiving. The
little sucker wont give me or the Crappie a break!

Have a great day

Monday, March 18, 2013 @ 10:37:04 AM

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Offshore/Bluewater Fishing Report 

Capt. Al Walker

Empire/Venice, LA USA

Please forward this to the LCUDC e-mails
especially to the CCA people.

Council Members and friends,
I contacted Tom of DEMA awhile back and he
requested that I send him information on the
removal of decommission platforms.
From the letter and memo, you will find we have a
new powerful ally in this battle.

In the very near future, we have 2 very important
matters coming up for public input.
The Gulf Coast Council will be taking public input
on the matter of declaring artificial reefs which
would include decommission platforms as
Essential Fish Habitats (EFH).
NOAA will be taking public input on placing 7 to 9
Caribbean coral species on the endanger list.  
Some of these corals are found on the platforms.

I will be sending the links out soon and it is very
important for you to comment on this 2 connected
issues.   If and when these corals are found to be
endanger and then
are found on a platform, what justification is there
for removal the platform?

See below a very good article on the platforms


It is requested you forwarded this information to
your individual mailing list.

Terry Migaud
LCUDC Sec/tre

Sunday, January 6, 2013 @ 9:50:25 PM

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Offshore/Bluewater Fishing Report 

Capt. Al Walker

Empire/Venice, LA USA

Good Evening

Just want to give you hardcore sportsman a heads
up on our local boy from Baton Rouge, Patrick
Kelleher of Mossy Oak will be on the Outdoor
Channel tomorrow night. The show is called
"Gumbo and Arrow". Be sure to tune in.

If your a Pompano fisherman here is a tip. They
are thick in the West Delta area.

For the last couple days me and the boy/friends
have been chasing the Sac-A-Lait again. The last
couple days we worked hard to catch very few if
any. They were not hitting anything we presented.

Today we found our groove and the jig they could
not resist. We put 44 pigs in the box in two and a
half hours. Will be heading to Honey Island Swamp this
week with an old friend to dive for some Alligator

Sunday, January 6, 2013 @ 9:02:13 PM

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Fresh Water Fishing Report 

Capt. Al Walker

Empire/Venice, LA USA

A just released announcement from NOAA
concerning which looks like legal action by the
Center of Biological Diversity (CBD) to get several
coral species listed as endangered.
The announcement stated 7 Caribbean species
would be listed.

Public hearings will be heard next year and the
final decision is due December 2013.  I would
think most if not all of the Caribbean species
could be found on the platforms.  If that is correct,
would this
not add to why the platforms should not be
al_conservation/i ndex.html
eases/2012/cor als-11-30-2012.html
al_conservation/l ist_of_species.html
dex.html  A list of their staff, (lots of Lawyers) I
will be sending them a mailing similar to the one I
send to Tulane and Loyola Law Clinic requested
legal action against NOAA and the Secretary of the
Interior to place a moratorium on the removal of
decommission platforms until such time the Gulf
Council can come up with their plan to establish
artificial reefs as Essential Marine Habitats, etc.
and to protect the marine environment.
From: Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council
Sent: Tuesday, December 04, 2012 1:56 PM
Subject: News from Gulf of Mexico Fishery
Management Council

Below is a press release recently distributed by
NOAA Fisheries Service announcing that it is
proposing Endangered Species Act (ESA) listings
for 66 coral species.
NOAA proposes listing 66 reef-building coral
species under the Endangered Species Act
Christine  Patrick
(301) 427-8003
Wende  Goo (808) 944-2245
Kim  Amendola
(727) 551-5707
(727) 403-6533 (Cell)
November 30, 2012

In compliance with a federal court ordered
deadline, and consistent with existing
international protections, NOAA Fisheries
announced today that it is proposing Endangered
Species Act (ESA) listings for 66 coral species,
including 59 in the Pacific and seven in the
Caribbean. This science-based proposal is more
limited than the 2009 original petition that led to
a settlement agreement and the court order. In
order to ensure robust input, NOAA has been
engaging the public since the process began three
years ago. Before this proposed listing is finalized
in late 2013, there will be a 90-day public
comment period during which NOAA will hold 18
public meetings.

Earlier this year, the President directed that any
potential future designations of critical habitat
carefully consider all public comments on relevant
science and economic impact, including those that
suggest methods for minimizing regulatory
burdens. Therefore, any potential future critical
habitat designation in connection with today's
proposed listing will include a full analysis of
economic impact, including impact on jobs, and to
the extent permitted by law, adopt the least
burdensome means, including avoidance of
unnecessary burdens and costs on states, tribes,
localities, and the private sector of promoting
compliance with the ESA. As this process moves
forward, NOAA will work with stakeholders to
minimize any potential impacts of possible future
action on the economy and jobs and, in particular,
on construction, fishing, farming, shipping, and
other important sectors.

"Healthy coral reefs are among the most
economically valuable and biologically diverse
ecosystems on earth," said Jane Lubchenco, Ph.D.,
under secretary for commerce for oceans and
atmosphere and NOAA administrator. "Corals
provide habitat to support fisheries that feed
millions of people; generate jobs and income to
local economies through recreation, tourism, and
fisheries; and protect coastlines from storms and
erosion. Yet, scientific research indicates that
climate change and other activities are putting
these corals at risk. This is an important, sensible
next step toward preserving the benefits provided
by these species, both now and into the future."

NOAA is proposing seven species as endangered
and 52 as threatened in the Pacific, and five as
endangered and two as threatened in the
Caribbean. In addition, the agency is proposing
that two Caribbean species already listed under
the Act be reclassified from threatened to
endangered. NOAA is seeking public comment on
the proposed listing before making a final listing
decision by December 2013.

Corals have measurable economic value for
communities around the world. One independent
study reported that coral reefs provide
approximate $483 million in annual net benefit to
the U.S. economy from tourism and recreation
activities and a combined annual net benefit from
all goods and services of about $1.1 billion. NOAA
also estimates the annual commercial value of U.S.
fisheries from coral reefs to be more than $100
million; reef-based recreational fisheries generate
an additional $100 million annually.

Listing species as endangered does not prohibit
activities like fishing or diving, but prohibits the
specific "take" of those species, including harming,
wounding, killing, or collecting the species. It also
prohibits imports, exports, and commercial
activities dealing in the species. These protections
are not automatic for species listed as threatened,
but can be established for them as well.
Furthermore, if species are eventually listed, NOAA
will consult with other federal agencies that permit
projects that may harm corals to help avoid
further damage. The consultation process allows
NOAA to work with federal agencies and project
proponents to develop ways for projects to
proceed, but in a way that protects the long-term
health of these important species.

NOAA has identified 19 threats to the survival of
coral, including rising ocean temperatures, ocean
acidification, and coral disease. As carbon dioxide
increases in the atmosphere, the oceans warm
beyond what corals can withstand, leading to
bleaching, and the frequency and severity of
disease outbreaks increase, causing die-offs.

This proposed listing is in response to a 2009
petition from the Center for Biological Diversity
(CBD) to list 83 coral species as threatened or
endangered under the ESA. In 2011, NOAA and the
CBD entered into a stipulated settlement
agreement requiring NOAA to submit for
publication a proposal as to 82 of the 83 coral
species by April 15, 2012. In March 2012, the
District Court for the Northern District of
California approved an amended settlement
agreement ordering NOAA to submit a proposal
regarding the 82 coral species on or before
December 1, 2012. All of these coral species being
proposed for listing are already protected under
the Convention on International Trade in
Endangered Species.

NOAA used the best available scientific
information to assess the status of the species and
decide if the species met the ESA's definitions of
endangered or threatened. Earlier this year, after
publication of a peer-reviewed status review
report and a draft management report, NOAA took
an additional step of seeking public comment
prior to proposing the listing. NOAA received
approximately 42,000 comments and collected
400 relevant scientific articles, reports, or
presentations, which were all considered when
making the proposed determination.

NOAA's mission is to understand and predict
changes in the Earth's environment, from the
depths of the ocean to the surface of the sun, and
to conserve and manage our coastal and marine
resources. Join us on Facebook, Twitter and our
other social media channels at

For more information, background documents,
and instructions on submitting comments, go

This announcement is forwarded as a courtesy of
the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council.
About Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council
The Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council is
one of eight regional Fishery Management
Councils established by the Fishery Conservation
and Management Act of 1976. The Council
prepares fishery management plans, which are
designed to manage fishery resources within the
200-mile limit of the Gulf of Mexico.


Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council
Charlene Ponce
Public Information Officer
888-833- 1844 ext. 229

Tuesday, January 1, 2013 @ 6:04:34 PM

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Fresh Water Fishing Report 

Capt. Al Walker

Empire/Venice, LA USA

In response to Chris

Good Evening

Hilton's Offshore Charts are the best bang for the
buck on locating upwellings in my opinion. The
maps are satellite imagery  of the sea bottom.
Google it or pick one up at Academy Sports. Been
using them for years.

As far as the lump goes it did pick up last year and
you do have a chance to pick some tuna/wahoo
around that time of the year. I have been there
four times in the past month or so filming and
fishing/spearfishing. They were there twice with or biggest
being 202

Sunday, December 30, 2012 @ 6:30:37 PM

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Offshore/Bluewater Fishing Report 

Capt. Al Walker

Empire/Venice, LA USA

The Sac-A-Lait slam continues!

Me and my boy have been spanking the White
Perch for a couple weeks now. We have used a few
different methods to coax these babies into biting
the hook.

White and blue/Red and Chartreuse tube jigs with
the flakes in them have worked moving them slowly
on the bottom.No flakes no bite.

Some days they wont hit nothing but live chads
on the bottom and under a cork but the funnest
has been trolling for them in the deep cuts using
pink Roadrunner spinners(chrome) tipping them
with solid black tube grubs.

Most have been hitting the frying pan with plenty
being given to friends and others released.

We have been focusing on some Bass fishing as
well. With nothing over two pounds this week it
has mostly been practice for my boy. Watching
him switch from  an assortment of artificial to live
chasing the Bass has been a true honor for me to
watch. No doubt he has the touch as he brought a
five pounder to the boat only to watch it throw the

Needless to say he has made us stop at that spot
twenty times this week as he has it out for the one
that dodged the net.

Have a good one and Merry Christmas to all.

Monday, December 24, 2012 @ 2:54:48 PM

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Fresh Water Fishing Report 

Capt. A Walker

Empire/Venice, LA USA

Just hitting the dock. Me and the boy ground it out
on a slow cold wet night to bag 61 White Perch.
Nobody Id rather fish that hard with than the man.
You show me a six year old fishing till one am
bagging fish like this. There are none. Im a proud
dad and he is not happy I cut it short in his eyes
because we would still be out there if It was up to

Sunday, December 9, 2012 @ 1:50:59 AM

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Fresh Water Fishing Report 

Capt. Al Walker

Empire/Venice, LA USA

Real cool video of Capt. Chris Wilson fishing the
shrimp boats.

Monday, November 5, 2012 @ 9:26:25 PM

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Offshore/Bluewater Fishing Report 

Capt. Al Walker

Empire/Venice, LA USA

Good Evening

Just  getting a chance to put up a quick post. Have
been hunting hard for Big Eye,Blackfish, Flounder
and giant Amberjacks. All trips have been a

The Big Eye have shown up in their usual spots
and have had the luck of being the only boat on
them twice in this specific area.. they usually start
their run about now and they are one of my
favorite fish to target. The big boys should be here

I have been night diving pretty much lately.
Basically getting in the water around ten at night
and getting out around four am like a frizzy pop.
They have not made a strong run yet but when
they do me and a few Sea Tigers will cut them off
at the pass.

The Black Fish have made their run and six new
state records have been laid to rest by Team
Xtreme. When the conditions get better we will be
back out there after them before they roll out.

Just went with Tracy Palmisano and Chris Ricard
this past weekend and Chris wanted a big AJ so we
headed to the promise land after doing some
shark diving. Chris has already broken 100 lbs this
year but we were looking for a dinosaur. We made
a bounce down to 250 and were met by some
monsters but not what we were looking for.

I felt deeply that there was some bigger ones
deeper and was waiting for the young gun to slip
up and pull the trigger on one and cause some
commotion that would bring a fatty up. This was
not the case as he locked in on a 90 pounder and
stoned him dead. It was to cool as we were at 250
high fiving,hooping and hollering while being
swarmed by tons of Aj's. Got some killer video of
this and will post when I can.

This kid is a beast and will be a force to be
reckoned with for sure. He is on his way to a title I
have held six times... King Spearfisherman of
Louisiana this year. Go big daddy go!

Last week I put up a post from a Mcdonalds as I
was on my way from a offshore dive trip to a night
dive for flounders and asked my wife to throw up
a pic from video I had taken a couple days before
of some Big Eye. She put up the wrong pic. It
doesnt matter because she is awesome no matter

Instead of freezing a clip here is some video of
that day. We were catching them at will.There is a
key pointer in the vid you are about to check out,
Always be sure to have the freshest bait you can
find. You will see the Big Eye taking in and spitting
out the smelly pogies. I knew the second I bought
them they were not fresh. Anyway if you find
yourself in this situation and have no other chum
cut the belly out of any fish you manage to catch
and use that.

Good luck out there

Tuesday, October 23, 2012 @ 9:04:20 PM

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Offshore/Bluewater Fishing Report 

Cat. Al Walker

Empire/Venice, LA USA

Hey Buddy

Spoke to your brother early this morning and all
others on the trip to let them know I was calling it
for safety reasons. It was to late in the game as
the Diesel mechanic could not make it to the boat
before 3pm. Sorry thought they would have
passed it on to you since your group of ten were
driving together. Nobody is more unhappy than
me as I was looking forward to sliming the decks.

Im glad it happened the way that it did though
because if I would have not headed to the boat to
do some minor repair to the port toilet we all
would have shown up with two dead generators.
Never have I had any issues with them but for
some reason the Port was air locked and the
Starboard would not idle up to 60 Kilohertz.

Got the Port running quickly and we could have
went but for safety reasons I was not going until
both generators were on line. Anyway just getting
back home from the boat and she is good to go.
Turns out there was a short in the brain box on
the Starboard generator that was a easy fix. Not a
cheap one but easy.

Took the old one off brought it to the parts store
and they programed the new one with it. With that
said some folks were wanting to do Sat,Sun,
Monday but 15 of the crew has to work Monday.

I have suggested you guys sign up for the Nov 16-
18 trip as it will be a good one. My sincerest
apologies to my crew and clients but feel I did the
right thing.

Thursday, October 18, 2012 @ 7:37:58 PM

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Offshore/Bluewater Fishing Report 

Capt. Al Walker

Empire/Venice, LA USA

Good day gang

Hope all is well. Been fishing/ diving allot weather
it be on the Big E,the Glacier Bay, a buddy's boat
or on the lake with my son. Life is good and the
fish have been big. Got pics on four different
cameras and will try to post in near future.

Had the great great pleasure of taking Mr. Rudy
Hall and his team of engineers on September 21
on the Big E. What a great crew and Mr. Rudy was
a fishing maniac.The guy was everywhere.  I
thought I had an extra deckhand,deck
boss,chummer,gaffer,live bait catcher,cook and
captain with this guy. His energy,excitement and
ability to fish is unmatched to date.

The food was everywhere. They fed 30 guys like
no tomorrow. The best steak I ever had Mr. Rudy.
Seriously! It was such a pleasure to meet a man
that was the son of the mind behind engineering
the greatest spear tip ever made. I learned about
this tip decades ago from my legendary dive
buddies such as Jerry Bourgious made back in the

To my knowledge 23 of the guys were tuna virgins
but I am positive all caught a tuna or two on the
trip. We had a blast chasing flying fish and squid
for bait under a beautiful night sky. On the way in
the guys watched the games while cooking up a

Mr. Rudy and his gang engineer oil rigs so anyone
looking to build one call Keystone Engineering as
they are the best at what they do!

A few guys put together an October 19 trip.
Leaving Friday around noon and returning Sunday
the 21 around noon. From what I understand they
booked 20 guys in two days and we would like a
few more if your interested please call me at 504-

The Sea Tiger's 3rd Annual Rodeo was great out of
Venice Marina. Great people and BIG fish were
speared. Cubera's, Aj's and Tunas upwards and
above 100 pounds. We appreciate the wild hog
donated to us by the Butlers and loved every bite.

The shrimp boats are the name of the game at the
moment with big boys all around them. All the
guides are putting a hurting on them. My last
attempt  on shrimp boat hopping was last
Wednesday. Suppose to be one foot but was more
like three to fives. Water was ok and we found one
boat tied up to a platform. Chummed and dove
but was covered up by sharks not tuna.

Over the radio the fleet seemed to be having the
same issue. Very few boats with tons of sharks. I
think the previous days of six to nines had them
inshore waiting for the go and were just getting on
their way out again.

We called it early due to conditions,lack of boats
and the sharks were getting boring except on my
last dive. I met the most aggressive Bull in years.
He was big and did not like me spearing his lunch.
He literally pushed me to the top and on the boat.
I was diving alone and loved every second of it.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012 @ 2:21:45 PM

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Offshore/Bluewater Fishing Report 

Capt. Al Walker

Empire, LA USA

Hey Fish Heads

Again.... We had such a great time aboard the Big
E playing in the Gulf this past weekend. I would
give a long blown report but it truly is as simple as
great people,food and fishing. If you are as hard
core as some of the guys I have taken since May
18 come give it a shot because all I can say is I'll
put you in the zone for the longest you have ever
stayed in the strike zone.

Just took the boat up to Belle Chase to do some
routine maintenance. The boat has ran hard since
May 18 without any mechanical issues. For me to
keep it this way she needs constant TLC.

Im in a very good place with this boat. It has
proven that it can make it and have zero pressure
on any venture she takes on. Plan was to run Save
the Blue 2 with her out of Freeport but have
decided to break it down on smaller boats..

I have the owner of Incredible Adventures and his
five associates coming down to make a business
proposal  to me concerning the Big E being a
permanent fixture in their global Cage Shark
Diving operations. I will hear them out but when
she is not scheduled for anything else she will be
fishing out of Empire Louisiana.

Empire has proven to be a great location for the
Big E. I like that we have access to the East and
West side of the river. The folks are so great at the
Delta Marina to us we definitely feel at home
there. With so many "GREAT" marinas to choose
from in this state Im glad to see it work out on the
first shot.

I have a couple major projects in play now that
needs some immediate attention which I have
planned for.

One being my Rod Rack invention that most of
you saw at the boat shows and Im drilling for
water on one of my properties.

Another issue Im having is a recurring problem
related to being electrocuted eight years ago that I
seriously need to handle. It is causing me major
problems that could cause me my profession if I
don't get a  handle on it including a proper

With that said the next run on the Big E will be our
first caged shark dive that  I have tons to do to do
it right and I cant wait for!!! Stand by for details.

This winter will be off the hook having the Big E in
play. Talk about staying warm and dry in comfort
watching the ball games. Cant wait to see you
there. " Sorry to my clients about the delay in posting photos". Im having a problem with the photos posting sideways but appear to be fine before uploading. Will figure this out and put up your pics as soon as I can. Worst case scenario it will be Monday as Im scheduled to fish my Glacier Bay "X-Factor" tomorrow and Sunday. Have a great weekend.

Friday, July 20, 2012 @ 5:18:16 PM

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Offshore/Bluewater Fishing Report 

Mike Lane

df dlfk dofk, LA USA

Gino of RodnReel fishes with Captain Al Walker on the Big E.

The Big E is an awesome fishing machine!

Book your gang's trip today.

Xtreme Fishing Charters

Saturday, July 14, 2012 @ 8:12:17 AM

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Offshore/Bluewater Fishing Report 

Cap.t Al Walker

Empire, LA USA

Happy 4th. Here are some pics from June 29 trip. If
you want to roll out on the Big E for the July 13 trip
give us a ring. You wont regret it.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012 @ 7:21:42 PM

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Offshore/Bluewater Fishing Report 

Capt. Al

Empire, LA USA

Heading out to the big blue on the Big E.
Thank you for the support!! Looking for
some folks on July 13 for forty hour trip.
Stay tuned for report.

Friday, June 29, 2012 @ 1:15:35 PM

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Offshore/Bluewater Fishing Report 

Capt. A Walker

Empire , LA USA

Heads up on the 60 hour trip leaving this Friday. We
will be heading for a collective group of species.
Grouper,snapper,tuna and a few guys are bringing
deep dropping gear. Have a few spots available and
would love to see you there. The last run I made was
a filming shoot and can honestly say I have not seen
so many big Gags on every dive. Give us a ring if you
want to play in style.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012 @ 11:40:40 AM

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Offshore/Bluewater Fishing Report 

Capt. Al Walker

Empire , LA USA

Good Morning

Thank you very much for the kind words. I am
happy to see the anger, the curiosity, the
questions, the doubts, the educated guesses, the
questions about or government, the science facts,
the comments from the everyday fisherman etc...
Mission accomplished.

What we don't need is fighting among ourselves.
As I stated before it does not matter who does or
does not get along and it does not matter who
takes credit for the stoppage of rig removal in my
opinion as long as it ends. I know for sure that
"we" being individuals,organizations,oil
companies,politicians etc.. have made much head
way here in the last six months and must keep the
pressure on while the iron is hot. I feel we are one
big team.

I can attest to the work being done by the CCA
because I do pay close attention to what they are
doing and they are doing a great job.I think we all
are so frustrated we are looking for that one group
to end the madness of killing our fishery when in
truth this is a complicated issue due to laws on the
books since 1977 and the BP oil spill did not help.

Check out this site. It is a great source of info

We all know it is wrong simply using common
sense and I hope that that will be enough to
prevail in the end. I can not tell you how sad I am
after the Black Elk Energy/ Save the Blue tour
knowing that the platforms we visited are as good
as gone. Unless you are a diver that dives the oil
rigs it truly is hard and quite impossible to
comprehend. The photos Im about to put up is for
all of you to do what you want with as long as they
are used to promote the issue of saving rigs. Use
them on your sites,send them to
friends,politicians,organizations, anybody you
want to. They are not for sale. They are free to all
of you to help in any way you think you can. Some
of the photos are good some not so good it is just
my way of contributing to the cause.

I would like to get into a lengthy report about the
week long trip with  Black Elk Energy/Save the Blue
but to sum it up this company took it upon
themselves to fund a tour of rigs to be dismantled
to educate science,the public and their industry.

My hat is off to them and knew from the first time
meeting Mr. John that he was the real deal and
does not take no for an answer. Please contact
them to see what you can do to help. Contributing
to Save the Blue would be a great start .

I took in upwards of 2000 photos in seven days in
hopes of capturing the feel of these incredible
givers of life to our eco system and fishery. I
would also like to say that we were trying to
capture unique pics of federally
protected,endangered,exotic corals and managed
species which I can say we did over and over on
each rig. Some species we took pics of have never
been documented in the Gulf of Mexico but the
highlight for me was the last dive.

While diving High Island 270 a tagged lemon fish
swam by and I took a pic. When I boarded my deck
hand/50 ton captain Blake had caught the fish.
Blake is from Ocean Springs and the fish was
tagged by Dr. Jim Franks of the Gulf Coast
Research Laboratory from Ocean Springs.More
than a pretty cool consequence.

The moral of the story is this rig is about to be
gone and this very important research would not
have been logged if the rig was not there.

Another cool thing about the trip was we had
commercial divers on board from Legacy Diving.
These guys make a living cutting down rigs and
can honestly say they are now against this crime
against nature. They never had the chance to here
the side we gave them as it is just a job to them.
The facts they gave me will be useful in the fight.
For example a regular three pile platform with one
conductor in 200 foot of water has over 200 tons
of growth they scrape off in the scrap yards. Two
hundred tons! Three piles are the baby rigs of the
Gulf. The loss of life on a production platform
would be more than one hundred times this loss
according to them.

They said that the contracts they get for cutting
rigs down consist of a "final sweep". This is where
they finish the job making sure there is no scrap
left on the bottom. In their own words they said
when they are done they leave a completely
lifeless mud bottom where there used to be
teaming life.

I explained to them that they are making quick
money but putting themselves out of future work
maintaining the structures that can be used for
ornamental trade,mariculture,solar energy,wave
energy,wind energy etc... They agreed

Another cool thing was working with Summerhay's
Films. Soames Summerhays is a diving machine for
a seventy four year old dude. I hope I got it when
and if I make it to his age. I am not a fan of 3D
films but must say that seeing the dives we did in
3D will be the best film ever made in 3D should we
finalize this project. It was incredible would be
putting it lightly seeing the multitudes of colorful
species coming off the screen. The best stuff on
film I have ever saw. Ever!

Thank You Black Elk Energy for giving the public
an under sea look of the rigs for them to judge for

Forgive me for the amount of photos im about to
post but as I stated it is how I can contribute.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012 @ 9:59:10 AM

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Offshore/Bluewater Fishing Report 

Cleo Swanson

Hattiesburg , MS USA

Captain Al Walker this stuff you are putting out is incredible. To bad BOEMERE and the other idiots are blind to the fact they are killing our fishery. I for one am ready to sue everybody over this. Just give us the word captain! There are so called sportsmen that I will not name here that own scrap yards  on the gulf coast that are lobbying for this on the hill and making a killing,killing the gulf. Some sportsman they are! Hope they all rot in @%$# and we need to sue them as well for knowing what they are doing is wrong. Really happy to see you are speaking at the MS CCA meeting June 27. Where is CCA Louisiana?
Cant wait to see you again on the Big E this weekend out of Delta Marina. What a great marina, crew and the food is great. Better than any marina food I have ever eaten.
Will belly up to the bar for a mixed drink for sure.

Monday, June 18, 2012 @ 10:08:31 AM

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Offshore/Bluewater Fishing Report 

Capt. Al Walker

Empire , LA USA

Friday, June 15, 2012 @ 8:42:39 PM

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Diving - Spear Fishing Reports 

Capt. Al Walker

Empire , LA USA

If anyone could take the link and make it into tv type
form on this site so folks can click and play would be
appreciated. having issues.


Friday, June 15, 2012 @ 8:21:12 PM

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Diving - Spear Fishing Reports 

Capt. Al Walker

Empire , LA USA

Having complications

Friday, June 15, 2012 @ 8:01:56 PM

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Diving - Spear Fishing Reports 

Capt. Al Walker

Empire , LA USA

Having complications

Friday, June 15, 2012 @ 7:58:21 PM

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Diving - Spear Fishing Reports 

Capt. Al Walker

Empire , LA USA

Friday, June 15, 2012 @ 7:48:59 PM

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Diving - Spear Fishing Reports 

Capt. Al walker

Empire , LA USA

In response to Chris Nail

I could not agree with you more sir. Black Elk
Energy and the Save the Blue campaign have made
it a point to bring 100 percent factual data such as
this below to the federal agencies and finally get
to the bottom of "who is ultimately responsible for
destroying eco systems such as this. I am about to
unleash a barrage of short films i took on this trip
for you guys to spread to the masses. How smart
do you have to be to cut this very important life
giving essential fish habitat down? This has to
stop now and it will. I promise.

Friday, June 15, 2012 @ 5:51:17 PM

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Diving - Spear Fishing Reports 

Capt. Al Walker

Empire , LA USA

Hey Mr. Morise

It would be my pleasure to take you on the Big E

Sorry about the confusion. As stated before Im still
figuring all this stuff out with this new operation
and my wife is trying to handle things for me while
Im away. As posted here 725 is the summer
special. Thanks

Sitting here in Freeport after moving the boat over
here to be closer to Black Elk Energy's oil rigs for a
environmental shoot based on Save the Blue. Will
be outfitting the boat tomorrow with tons of
equipment and heading out for a week to film the
incredible life that surrounds and lives on the oil
rigs. Aboard will be my buddy Soames of
Summerhays Films that is famous for his films
such as Ocean Oasis and is an IMAX producer
among other things.

We will be the first to do a documentary of this
magnitude which will show case the oil platforms
true benefit's to our marine eco system via the

With that said we took 19 folks from Black Elk on
an overnight trip Saturday/Sunday and had a great
time. Besides having a full time chef aboard that
fed us to death we enjoyed great fishing in 5 to 7
foot seas. Moms,Dads, Kids, grand parents and
friends were aboard for the voyage

The platforms we hit for tuna were a hundred
miles out but stopped in the High Island area on
the way out to do some AJ fishing. After landing
some monster AJ's and beautiful snapper that were
properly released we headed to the tuna grounds
enjoying UFC while in route.The tuna bite has been slow but steady lately but could be much better considering the numbers we are seeing out there. The reason for the slow bite is the abundance of Tinker Mackeral,baby squid and glass minnows. When these baits are as thick as they are it is hard to compete but through the years I have gained the knowledge and small tricks that equal to bloody decks in these situations.

As soon as we pulled up we were in them and had
slow but steady fishing till sun up. They all agreed
that we had plenty enough meat and then headed
back to the casa while being pampered all the way
to the dock by chef Todd from Cardinal Catering
Services. What a great job my man and looking
forward to another week with this guy. He is truly
an awesome cook.

I will be bringing back some great footage that I
will share upon my arrival home with you guys.
Until then if your interested in fishing on the finest
fishing boat in the gulf please go to and book your
trip of a lifetime.

Monday, May 28, 2012 @ 5:49:08 PM

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Offshore/Bluewater Fishing Report 

Capt. Al Walker

Empire, LA USA wants to help us welcome the Big E to Empire, LA!  Capt. Al Walker of Xtreme Fishing Charters is offering a fishing experience like no other on the Big E.  We want to offer you special pricing on the following trips:   

June 9-10 Overnight Trip $500

June 16-17 Overnight Trip $500

June 22-24 2-Night Trip $725

June 30-July 1 Overnight Trip $500

July 5-7 2-Night Trip $725  (Empire Rodeo)

July 13-15 2-Night Trip $725

July 26-28 2-Night Trip $725 (Faux Pas Rodeo)

August 10-12 2-Night Trip $725

August 17-18 Overnight Trip $500 (LDWF Rodeo)

August 25-26 Overnight Trip $1600 (CAGE SHARK DIVING)

Hurry up and go to our website to book your trip.  These prices are good ONLY on the above listed dates.  Each of these trips must have at least 25 fishermen booked in order for the trip to go.  We will also offer special pricing for those who customize their own trips (whether it be a 24 hr., 40 hr., 48 hr., 60 hr. or 80 hr. trip) during the months of June, July & August.

Check out our website for scheduled trip dates, online payment options and further details about Underwater Expeditions/Xtreme Fishing Charters.

Saturday, May 26, 2012 @ 2:47:01 PM

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Offshore/Bluewater Fishing Report 

Capt. Al Walker

Empire, LA USA

Good Afternoon
Thank you for the nice reports. I REALLY APPRECIATE THEM!!!

It was a long line of hard work to get the boat off the dock for it's maiden voyage and went better than expected because of Capt. Raul and my crew.I did not like fishing with Capt. Raual, I loved it! I can't thank them all enough.

The game plan changed last minute for a couple reasons. One being I wanted to respect the local fleet in a 1 to 2 foot forecast and not put the Big E into the mix of drifting with others fishing the same platforms being I never drift fished a boat of this size. Another reason was after taking a team vote almost all was for heading directly to the Green Canyon, so we headed to Brutus. It was really cool seeing the crew fill up the theater room watching the UFC and Belator fights while in the next room people were watching Shark Tank on the big screen TV's while the BBQ pit was roaring the whole trip. Some of the best food I have eaten ever on a fishing trip.

After the first night of rig hopping and searching for the tuna hot spot we were awarded with a great Saturday morning due to the fact we got into a nice patch of yellowfin.

After the flurry we were scheduled to head for some bottom fishing and again took a vote from my incredible clients and this time it was for bottom fishing.

When heading to the reef fish hole I went over in my head how this would play out being that we were heading for nothing more than a one man AJ limit and a one Warsaw limit for the boat. I was certain that I did not want to be releasing numerous grouper and snapper trying to get one AJ so I made a captains call and headed for Atlantis. I was told after it was a good call by the folks on board because they all had so much fun either catching a yellowfin or watching their neighbor catch one or two or three.

The folks on board were a collection of AWESOME people. We had the pleasure of taking Jeff Mayne of the LDWF offshore. What a cool dude! We are lucky to have this guy watching out for our fisheries but now knowing him as a friend I cant say enough of what an honor it was to have him on the maiden voyage! I also had the incredible pleasure of fishing with long time friend and buddy/owner of Delta Marina, Darren Angelo. He is as cool as ever and I am looking forward to working out of his awesome marina. His staff is bar none and the food is something you have to experience, hence  professional chef Burney Young that has a resume that includes most of the finest restaurants on the planet such as Emeril's.

Also aboard were the 360tuna gang like owner TJ and his moderator Han. These guys are animals when it comes to fishing!! The knowledge, equipment and drive they have is why 360tuna is such a great site. These guys don't talk fishing, they live it. The pleasure was all mine! Cant wait to fish with you guys forever.

Let's not forget we had the ultimate experience of watching a master at work. Kilsong is the owner of and the maker of the baddest fishing equipment on the planet. Period end of story. He has fished with me three times but this time he was on the bow in front of me to watch the entire trip. If you consider yourself to be a serious angler and have all the best equipment and you don't have this man's gear, well then you don't have the best. I will post a more formal report about exactly what he was using later. By the time your finished reading the report and have not called the man or ordered his stuff then you will continue to be in the cave man days with the gear you have now. I can and want to go on and on about this man but actually holding this quality stuff in my hand and watching him cast "300 YARDS" and watching his lure take more fish by far than any other was mesmerizing.

Emeric Watson of Wounded Warriors was on board as well. This man is so cool and passionate about the service men and women of our country it would almost be anti-American to not to contribute, donate or join this awesome rodeo. I watched this man dedicate hours into fishing this weekend and he earned every fish. Emeric you are a first class act! was out there in full body and spirit. The only thing we were missing was Mike Lane due to his son graduating. I mean what else can I say but has offered guides to better feed their families due to its professional site and staff. Rodnreel changed my life years ago when I joined and I have never looked back. It was living proof on this trip when I was surrounded by people that I met through this site over ten years ago but now are some of my closest friends. Gino, Lisa, Helmut and Mike, simply put "I Love You".

I mean what can I say, we put people on their first fish, father and son on their first yellow together, father and son on their first yellow limit together, brothers that have fished a lifetime together having their best ever fishing experience. I said it on the trip and I'll say it again, ya'll are the best and I thank you for making my first trip a success!

I also want to thank all the Texas folks that love the Big E for giving me a chance. I hope you feel that me and my boy's worked hard for you and if there is anything you did not like please post or call so I can better your next trip. You guys were some of the hardest, toughest, most relentless fisherman I have ever encountered. Ever!

I want to also apologize for the schedule for June 2 and truthfully I have not worked out the scheduling yet. Thank you for understanding that saving oil rigs is true to my heart and that this IMAX shoot takes  precedence over fishing now so we all can fish in the future.

The only thing I know for sure is that this Friday we are running a booked 36 hour trip and then running out Tuesday to stay on the water for over a week filming the beauty of the offshore platforms. Before I leave this Friday I will have the schedule somewhat figured out, I hope.

I do know for certain that we will start taking bookings now for the Faux Pas Rodeo, the Empire South Rodeo and the LDWF rodeo. I will be running a rodeo special and post by tomorrow.

Also please go to and check out my new pricing, as we will be kicking off the first caged shark dive on August 25 and 26 for a overnight experience you will never forget! I'm going to do it big so come brave the cage or sight see from above.

Sorry for having to slow down on booking the three day fishing extravaganza to where the Big E would be used as a mother ship. A little too much going on and want that to be perfect so those that are biting at the bits to book, I have not charged any cards and you will be receiving a private message from me today. It is a great idea and would work with no problem. During the spill I worked on Duke Universities' R/V Cape Hatteras and learned how to moor numerous boats at one time since there were so many coming and going. Very simple process and learned through experience.

One more thing guys and I think you’re gonna like it. For months I have been working with the City of New Orleans. Yesterday we took a mock river tour. Aboard were Cheryl Rodrigue Director Sales/DMI Conventions and Paddlewheels, Diane Arthur Operations, Janine Dazet of New Orleans Tours, Yvonne Magne and Danielle Magne of DMI Groups and Big Easy Tours.

The ladies loved it! The boat was more than they expected and having chef Burney Young preparing fresh tuna, asparagus, Andouille Sausage pasta, BBQ tuna, grilled zucchini and fresh salad did not hurt a bit.

They are in mix of putting together Casino Cruise/Fishing trip combos, Sunday and Monday Night Football trips all the way to the Super Bowl along with river tours not to mention they and the city are proud to have the only and biggest shark cage diving operation in the Gulf. All I can say is its on and Plaquemines Parish is about to be more than a fishing destination and more like a must see tourist attraction.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012 @ 1:57:31 PM

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Offshore/Bluewater Fishing Report 

Lisa W.

Covington, LA USA

Wow! What else can I say! I just returned from my first off-shore fishing trip. I had the pleasure of going out of Empire with Al Walker of Extreme Charters and his fantastic crew on the Big E. I can’t say how much I enjoyed this amazing trip!!!

Having never fished off-shore before, I was more than a little nervous because I knew that most of the people on the boat were serious sportsmen who knew what they were doing, and I was totally clueless. In addition, I was concerned about the comfort level I would experience on a charter boat. I had seen the pictures of the Big E, but sometimes pictures don’t tell the whole story.

Well, once on board, I quickly realized I had nothing to worry about. Even though myself and my better half, Helmut, got to the dock at the last minute (not something I would recommend), the crew immediately came running out to help us unload our fishing gear for the trip. We were shown to the bunk rooms where we quickly stowed our gear, and then we took the time to look around the boat. The Big E is unbelievable! It has lots of sitting room both indoors and out, a dining area with several booths and a big screen tv, a media room with another big screen tv and 18 theater style chairs that lean back, a barbecue pit on the top deck, and a sound system that was playing music. The inside areas were air-conditioned and comfortable, and I immediately felt better because I knew with all of the amenities of the Big E, even if I didn’t catch a thing, I was going to have a good time!

I need not have worried about catching fish! Once we were briefed by the Captain and Al, we took off from the dock, and as we enjoyed the boat ride and music, the deck hands set up our fishing rods. When we got to the first fishing spot one of the deckhands showed me how to jig…and that’s where I caught my very first black-fin tuna. I know mine was small compared to the many really big tuna that I saw caught on this trip – but it was huge to me! And the deck hands couldn’t have helped me more with bringing it in! Later in the trip, when others fishing started catching fish on top of the water, another deck hand set up my rod and showed me how to free-line for fish.

Speaking of the deck hands – they were awesome! Caleb and his crew really worked tirelessly in seeing to our every need from getting bait for our lines, to gaffing and labeling the fish, to answering questions, to keeping the deck clean…they were great!! There were many times when several people would all have fish on at the same time, yet they made sure that they took care of everyone! I don’t know how they did it!

Last, but not least, I can’t say enough about the Captain and Al. From the beginning, they asked us what we wanted to fish for, and then took us to the areas to do it. They kept us well informed of the depth of the fish and what bait was working. If one spot wasn’t working they took us to another. They, too, worked tirelessly to make sure we had a great trip!

Although I can’t compare my experience on this trip to any other off-shore trips, I can only say I had a fantastic time. But you know, I also think that all of those much more experienced fishermen had a great time too! I think that’s why the Big E, Al Walker and his crew, are really special! On this boat, with this crew, it doesn’t matter if you’re the best fisherman in the world or the worst – you’re still going to pass a good time!!! --- --------- Lisa

Sunday, May 20, 2012 @ 10:45:49 PM

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Offshore/Bluewater Fishing Report 

Al Walker

Empire, LA USA

I have been sponsoring the Hell Diver Rodeo for years and love the shirts they put out. The Hell Divers have an agenda at that is being at the forefront of saving your fisheries.Last year their shirt was the beautiful species like turtles that live on and around the rigs and now it's all about the Grim Reaper.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012 @ 8:49:04 PM

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Offshore/Bluewater Fishing Report 

Capt. Al Walker

Empire, LA USA

Another question asked via email

"Can I eat fresh fish"? Answer is yes. The Wildlife and Fisheries  and I went over this one as well. We can legally clean and eat up to 2lbs per man/lady per day.

Long story short is when my deckhands fish it is to feed you.

Anybody for tuna steak while your killing tuna?

Yeah Baby

Monday, May 14, 2012 @ 9:16:36 AM

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Offshore/Bluewater Fishing Report 

Capt. Al Walker

Empire, LA USA

Good Morning

I want to give the game plan to those calling and asking.

The fact is that we have a diverse group of routes when fishing off our coast.

One route could be from Empire Jetty's and back into Baptiste Collette or basically a west to East trip. Fishing West Delta 133 block, West Detla 152 MS Canyon 311 block hit Mars Ursa area for tuna first night come back into Main Pass 299,296 block and bottom fish during the day and then back to the Floaters like Ram Powell or Nakika for tuna the second night.

This trip im planning on leaving the dock around 2 pm from Delta Marina and heading for some bottom fishing in the West Delta 117 block 152 and the Canyon rigs for big grouper and AJ's. The amount of 100 plus Ajs and groupers over 300 on these rigs are monumental. From there hit the Devils Tower area for tuna come across Mars Ursa and then head west into the Eugene Island and Deep South Timbalier rigs for some grouper aj's and lemons forget about the twenty plus snappers you will be throwing back and then to the Canyon Rigs for tuna after that straight home. Plenty of resting time back to the Marina.

The only thing I would do different is reverse this route. The plans for these trips are going to vary in many ways for example coming straight out of Empire crossing the Grand Isle rigs/ South Timbalier while angling toward the Canyon Rigs hitting platforms the entire way there. Many guys and gals want tuna,tuna,tuna but some long range trips are going to be about the reef fish. Ive killed some of my biggest snapper,grouper and aj's up to 126 out there. I call it "Dinosaur Land". Tons of Louisiana top tens come from there.

I have a couple other business but am going to give this one 100% because with this boat in this area the possibilities are unimaginable when it comes to fishing. Hope to see you soon.

For those gunning for the July 27 trip. Im changing it over to the 26-28 for the Faux Pas Rodeo. This rodeo is awesome. Hope this did not mess you up but to be honest still figuring the booking thing out.

Monday, May 14, 2012 @ 6:40:27 AM

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Offshore/Bluewater Fishing Report 

Mike Lane

New Orleans, LA USA

It’s been a long time coming, but it's here.

Captain Al Walker in stepping up in a big way.

He has the ultimate offshore fishing machine for large groups of people.

A one-hundred and 20 foot fishing goliath fishing machine.

I will be among the luck people making the maiden voyage beginning Friday May 18 and returning Sunday May 21st.

THis is the equivalent of the west coast long distance fishing outing with out the long distances.

This boat has 40 bunks, one for each fisherman. No more sleeping on the deck while traveling, Full showers, big screen TV’s and oh yea GREAT fishing.

This boat can fish comfortably in 10 foot seas. What an advantage!

Captain Al will visit locations flush with Amberjack, huge grouper, lemon fish, black fin and the almighty yellowfin tuna.

Not only does he fish these areas regularly but he is a world renowned diver and has seen these locations an knows they hold fish.

Given the fishing time afforded by this trip, we will have a two day limit.

All this for $800.00 per person, this is the only fishing platform that can fish all of your friends and or business associates in style for a price that we can afford.

I toured his boat the other day and it is spotlessly clean, first class in every way. You could eat off of the floors in the engine room.

Gino and I will film parts of this trip for viewing on YouTube and television.

There are 4 seats left for this maiden voyage, give him a call and join us!

Al is also booking for the major fishing tournaments this season. Fish on a platform where you have you own bunk, can fish in 10 foot seas without getting neat up.

Fish till you drop, fish till you drop, fish till you drop!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are interested, call Al at 504-710-2950 or visit his website at

If you book any of the fishing tournaments as for the "RodnReel" special!

Mike Lane

Sunday, May 13, 2012 @ 11:51:02 AM

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Offshore/Bluewater Fishing Report 

Capt. Al Walker

Empire, LA USA

Gotta be short and sweet

If my old lady finds out Im on the computer Im dead. Have not laid out the schedule on the calendar yet but will be running a rodeo summer special.

All you folks that are bringing your own gear and boats to rodeos might want to experience spending the same money while staying on the water the entire rodeo making your chances to place greater.

Satelite TV in the dining area and Theater room, comfortable Air conditioned bunk with draw curtains,giant BBQ pit open 24/7, Oven stove,microwave,open coffee pot's Full size shower/bathroom's,giant sun deck, lights that will light up a football field,Live bait well's,

Louisiana has some great rodeo's so not matter what state your from we welcome you.

2012 Tournament/Rodeo List

May 21 - May 22          Whitney Bank Invitational Tournament
May 29 - June 3           Cajun Canyons Billfish Tournament
June 1 - June 2             N.O. Big Game Fishing Club Memorial Day
June 4 - June 10          Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic
June 10 - June 14         International Womens’ Fishing Association
June 15 - June 16         N.O. Invitational Billfish Tournament
June 21 - June 23        N.O. Home Builders Association
June 29 - June 30        N.O. Big Game Fishing Club July 4th Tournament
July 5 - July 7               Empire South Pass Fishing Rodeo
July 13 - July 14           New Orleans Ladies Tournament
July 26 - July 28          Faux Pas Lodge Invitational
July 26 - July 28          Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo
Aug 10 - Aug 11            N.O. Big Game Fishing Club Fishing Tournament
Aug 17 – Aug 18           LDWF Tuna Rodeo
Aug 24 –Aug 25           BVFD Rodeo
Sept 1- Sept 2               N.O. Big Game Fishing Club Labor Day Tournament
Sept 14 - Sept 16          LA Saltwater Series Tarpon Tournament
Sept 14 - Sept 16          NO Big Game Fishing Club Fishing Tournament
Oct 5 - Oct 6                 LA Saltwater Series Redfish Championship

Sunday, May 13, 2012 @ 11:01:00 AM

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Offshore/Bluewater Fishing Report 

Capt. Al Walker

Empire, LA USA

Hey Roy

Just seeing your report buddy. From the beginning of my venture relating to the Big E and before I knew anything about the EFP stuff I publicly stated I would not be part of catch shares.

I have my reasons and one of them is yes I to am a recreational fisherman and the other is I think it is going to backfire on those participating.

Giving the Feds that type of control can turn around on you in the future to where you are now in the same category we the recreational/guide guys are in now with the so called "over fished" species.

It has gotten to the point that it is not even worth concentrating on reef fish. It is such a mess. I mean think about it. Two snapper and one AJ that will be closed for the rest of the year starting June.

Grouper is in abundance here as well but you can fish them on what I consider off months and cobia move through pretty quickly during their migration.

I look at reef fish as a bonus not a targeted specie.

Thank god we have a good tuna fishery which im sure will start getting regulated and hit us like a ton of bricks one day.

Believe me knowing all this Im asking myself what in the world was I thinking leasing to own a boat like the Big E? My thoughts from the very beginning were alternative when it came to generating income with her like it's priority charter being caged shark diving and river tours.

I have no choice to fish the boat in hopes of keeping my head above water and wont see profits for some time.

With that said I have talked to the guys trying to get the EFP going and really dont have nothing against them. I think all of them are cool guys trying to survive due to the false scientific data we are all being spoon fed. It's a double edged sword. The rec guys lose the fish and the head boat guys lose their living. I want no part of who is right or wrong.

Maybe you or I dont like the approach as it seems to be an exclusive club that not all can join but the fact is that more than three quarters of the head boat industry has died and this is the last of the bunch trying to feed their family's. These guys generate money for the city,state,marina owners etc...

The true fact is there is enough fish out there that we all could enjoy but the folks running this job are overlooking or just dont know how abundant or not abundant our eco system really is.

My boat definitely qualifies due to it is going on your past documented catches and the Big E has solid books but to answer your question sir I am not going to peruse a EFP. Im going to do my own thing and hope I make it.

All this stress of this boat and fish regulations are really bogging me down so tomorrow im heading out with some scientist that want me to do some Scalloped Hammerhead video/photo and a long time spear buddy to take my frustrations out on a couple tuna fish by way of cold hard steel.

Will post a report and some rodeo special's for the summer.

Have a good one

Friday, May 4, 2012 @ 2:12:34 PM

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Offshore/Bluewater Fishing Report 

Capt. Al Walker

Empire, LA USA

Wow gotta love rodnreel. Had a call in record time about my post on the mosquito fleet fishing extravaganza. Yes it will be all inclusive. Not sure on the price per man yet but will let you know as soon as me and Wildlife Enforcement iron out any details. So far from the info I have received from them  this is a go as long as i anchor or moor in federal waters and have two captains aboard the Big E to keep two day limits should our clients meet that quota.

Sunday, April 29, 2012 @ 2:28:12 PM

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Fresh Water Fishing Report 

Capt. Al Walker

Empire, LA USA

Good Morning

At last I can say we are good to go on the Big E. Since December I have been working hard on getting the boat ready. Just this week not only did I pass Coast Guard inspections but the Coast Guard has asked to use The Big E for training courses for the recruiting inspectors. They said without a doubt they have never had a boat of this caliber to train with. Their first class will be this Wednesday.

I honestly thought I would have been pushing trips months ago and am behind the eight ball but it is what it is.

The first trip will be May 18 and for the first time in history am receiving calls every day asking "why have you not ran my credit card.

The answer is I wanted to make sure that Coast Guard and the building of the dock in Empire would be on time to justify running the trip.

Owner of Delta Marina Darren Angelo has been a champ and has done everything he can to get us rolling. I have come full circle being that I have fished and dove out of every Marina from Fort Morgan Alabama to Matagorda TX. for years.

Empire is very sentimental to me for two reasons. One being that I went on my first offshore trip which was an overnight on the Early Bird at age eight. I almost knew at that time I would be a fisherman for life. My dad and his crew religiously fished that boat out of that marina until the untimely death of Capt. Stanley Coulon. The trips on that boat and the Cougar are imbedded in my heart.

The second reason was the chance to meet my idol/icon Capt. Stanley Coulon. I loved his coonass ways and his coonass accent.As a kid and through my teenage days my respect only grew for him because he was the salt of the Gulf to me. I was very fortunate to have the chance to fish with this man and to think that I am going to be docking and walking in his path are huge shoes to fill.

Some of my better buddies are in their seventies,eighty's and nineties. I have never taken anything they taught me for granted over my almost thirty years playing in the gulf.

I have much in store for my new boat and have hired some alternative booking agencies to assist in chartering a unique group of tours so i can concentrate on killing fish with you guys.

Big Easy Shark Safari will be taken over by a company that books caged shark diving tours in South Africa,Bahamas, West Coast etc... and offering them the only caged shark diving tours of this caliber. They along with I are excited due to this hidden gem called the Gulf of Mexico when it comes to sharks. We have a couple research trips already booked and am open to any university/lab that wants to spend plenty time in comfort gathering data on any specie of fish or oil rigs for that matter.

Big Easy River Tours will be a southern river tour where tourist and civil war buffs visiting the city can get a river view of passing through the locks, Ft. St. Phillips, Fort Jackson, Bohemia State Wildlife Management Area,the hustle and bustle of old man river via the shipping and fishing industry with the gorgeous back drop that we call Sportsman's Paradise. After the tour plans are to stop at the beautiful Woodland Plantation's for a great early dinner while touring the grounds,feeding gators and learning about the Plantation that was the label on Southern Comfort Whiskey bottle for seventy five years.

With these out sourced booking agents I can concentrate on fishing the boat.As you can see these other tours dont reflect the fishing calendar but am ready to kick it in high gear.

May 18 trip for example I will be sending out a email tomorrow to the customers booked already to see if they would like to leave the dock at 2:00 pm on Friday the 18'th. Plans are to bottom fish all day heading to the tuna grounds,fishing all night for tuna, fishing all day the next day for bottom fish and then again fishing tuna the following night and returning to delta Marina around 10:00. Basically fish till you drop.When you have to drop you can lay your head in your private bunk in "COLD" air condition. I still have openings for the maiden voyage so if you want to take a ride on the baddest fishing boat in the Gulf give me a call.

On this trip you have the ability to keep a two day limit and I have been working closely with LA Wildlife Enforcement on all my questions I have for them which leads me to the next idea I have for another ultimate fishing experience.  

It's in the works and not locked down yet but here it goes.Im wanting to offer a three day fishing extravaganza via the mosquito fleet that Plaquemines Parish is so well know for.

Picture this.... You arrive at Delta Marina and board your captains boat. You fish all day to later that afternoon board The Big E offshore for a hot meal, a hot shower and some TV or more fishing if you want from her deck.

When your finished doing whatever it is you feel like doing retire to you bunk.

When you wake up your guide and you are already in the gulf and on your way. Talk about beating the fleet. You then fish another full day and retreat back to the boat the second afternoon where we then unload your second days catch on the Big E. This time you stay aboard and enjoy the cruise back to the Delta Marina eating like a king while relaxing after a hot shower.

Day three you wake up and board your trout and red fish guides boat and off you go again. When you return you will have the amenities of the Big E or Delta Marina should you stay for dinner and enjoy some more relaxation.

I have the capabilities to refuel diesel/gas and fresh water hoses to clean the mosquito boats offshore. This offer is for any guide that wants to offer this to their clients as well.
Our fleet on call is a 26,Glacier Bay,44 Tiara, 36 Yellowfin and 36 Twin Vee.

I will talk to enforcement once more tomorrow and if they see no problems with it I will have a link built for this excursion this week. Check for details!

Been very busy lately but have had a couple chances shark dive and tuna fish. The tuna fishing is off the charts and summer is here early.

The best trip I had lately was with my son yesterday as we fished a rodeo together. Look out boys he's only five but the best I have ever fished with.

Have a great day

Sunday, April 29, 2012 @ 1:59:18 PM

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Offshore/Bluewater Fishing Report 

**** All Reports Returned ***